our beginnings


Beginnings of RiViva

RiViva was birthed during a water exhibition when a visitor posed us a challenge to supply clean drinking water to a rural community from a highly turbid river source under impossible conditions. The water treatment system had to be compact, fully automatic, operational and maintainable without any skilled manpower, power supply, chemicals, and civil works – all at a low cost.


I made a trip to that village and was deeply distressed when I saw villagers drinking water totally unfit for consumption. I soon realized that was far from being an isolated case – presently 1.6 billion people globally are in need of clean drinking water and 3.8 million people die each year from water and sanitation related sicknesses.


I vowed to never stop searching for a solution. This led to the invention of the Automatic Membrane Filtration System (“AMF”). Making it compact, fully automatic, operational and maintainable under those impossible conditions was one of the most challenging yet fulfilling parts of my life.


The AMF witnessed meaningful commercial demand and led to the development of other novel, user-centric water treatment systems. My desire to help better the lives of others is paying off in unimaginable ways.


RiViva was specially set up to maximize access to these proprietary systems, with the ultimate aim of bringing an end to clean water shortages globally.



Allen Mak

Co-Founder, RiViva