System Sale

Our systems are easy to install, operate and maintain. We sell our systems directly to customers or via our authorized network.
sale of water treatment systems

Project Design
& Implementation

implementing water treatment systems
Our team is capable of selecting, designing and installing the most suitable systems after understanding your needs.


Our systems can be built to customer requirements. Modifications are typically based on capacity, purpose, space constraints, mobility, materials etc.
built to specification water treatment systems


Design, Build, Operate and Own (“DBOO”); Build, Operate and Own (“BOO“) and Build, Operate and Transfer (“BOT”) are contract arrangements with customers to mitigate ownership of systems at the beginning and reduce upfront capital expenditure. Customers pay monthly installments that are either fixed or proportionate to the quantity of water treated.

Containerized Solutions

For infrastructure-challenged locations likerefugee camps, disaster-stricken areas, etc., our systems can be containerised and despatched for installation and operation. Our systems produce more clean water for a smaller footprint. E.g. our 20-foot containerized AMF system can provide more than 2 million liters of water per day (“MLD”).
containerized solutions for water treatment

Pilot Plant Trials

water pilot plant trials
Customers can procure or rent a small pilot plant to fine-tune their treatment process or to verify how well our systems work before embarking on a bigger ticket investment.