description of water treatment programmes

revival programme

Giving back is in RiViva’s DNA as our beginnings are rooted in the provision of clean drinking water to rural villages. Via the ReVival Programme, RiViva and its esteemed partners will be able to leverage on their unique advantages to give back.


Our Programme is a simple yet powerful strategy to help rapidly provide clean drinking water to the 1.6 billion people globally who suffer from economic water scarcity. The simple strategy? Using funds from individuals and organizations such as firms, charities, foundations etc (“Project Sponsor”), to build water treatment systems for communities in need.


We then transfer the systems to other organizations for the installation, operation and maintenance (“Project Manager”) after our training or under our supervision. Each Project Sponsor will know which Project Manager the system is being transferred to before funding it. Each Project Manager is screened carefully prior to entry into the Programme.


Do not hesitate to contact us at or +603 8068 2538 for more clarification or simply to discuss the potential of working together to provide clean water to people in need.